Residential services

Procesionaria del pino

Residential services

Founded in Mallorca in 1969, Will-Kill has more than 40 years experience protecting homes and families all over Spain from the pests that affect them. We have become a reference in the Spanish pest control market.

With the years Will-Kill has increased and improved its services. We currently treat all kinds of domestic pasts, from rats or cockroaches to garden pests, like the red palm weevil or the pine processionary.
We are pioneers in Spain in the use of non chemical ways to fight certain pests, either using thermal solutions (heat or cold), and physical measures to stop and capture the pests.

In the pest control business experience is the most important asset. It doesn't matter if you use the best and most advance products if you don't use them with the proper knowledge; knowledge that only a well trained and experienced professional can provide.

Our long presence in the Spanish market does not only mean that we know whet we are doing, it also means that we can be trusted, that's why Will-Kill is the best solution to protect your holiday home from intrusive pests. We will take care of your property all year round so you don't find a nasty surprise when you come to enjoy your vacation.

It doesn't matter what pest affects your house, flat or garden, the Will-Kill solution will protect your investment and your loved ones.

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