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Nuestros productos para profesionales

Desde sus comienzos en 1969, Will-Kill no solo realiza trabajos de gestión de plagas, sino que produce y comercializa sus propios productos rodenticidas, basados en una fórmula propia.
Estos productos están disponibles con furmalación para uso profesional y para uso personal o ganadero y ambas formulaciones están disponibles para su venta al por mayor y menor.

En esta página encontrará nuestro listado de productos especialmente formulados para uso exclusivamente profeisonal (productos clasificados como toxicos para la reproducción). Si desea consulatar nuestreo listado de productos para particulares haga click aqui.

Si está interesado en adquirir alguno de estos productos, póngase en contacto con nosotros escribiendo a Esta dirección de correo electrónico está siendo protegida contra los robots de spam. Necesita tener JavaScript habilitado para poder verlo.

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Lo que necesitas saber sobre el Virus ZIKA

El virus se ha originado en África y prevalece tanto en Sur América como en América Central. Los casos diagnosticados en Europa tienen su origen en personas provenientes de paises afectados.
El virus Zika se trasmite esencialmente por la picadura del mosquito del género Aedes, el cual, tras picar a una persona afectada, puede transmitirle el virus. Existen algunas evidencias que demuestran que el virus podría transmitirse por contacto sexual o incluso transmitirse a bebes lactantes a través de la leche materna..

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Une pair of rats can have up to 30.000 descendants in one year

Rats and mice.

Rats and mice are among the most dangerous and harmful pests in the world. They are an important source of food contamination, they create structural and general damages to houses and structures, and have a negative effect over the health of humans. If this pests are not properly treated by a qualified professional, they can create important economical and human damages.
Even if the rodents are not present inside your house they could still be around your property or in your garden, which represents an important risk for children and pets.

Signs of the presence of rodents.

The main indicator of the presence of this pest is the finding of dead or alive specimens. Rodents prefer to hide, as long as they have enough room. If they can be seen out in the open this is a sing that the plague is highly extended and the population has a considerable number of specimens.
Another typical sign of their presence is the finding of fecal matter and the typical damages created by rodents, like eaten cables, damaged surfaces, holes on food containers, etc.

The Will-Kill solution.

Our specialized professionals will:

  • Inspect the interior and exterior of your home or business, assessing the damage and extension of the plague.
  • Place security baiting stations containing the rodenticide product in strategic locations.
  • Locate and seal the little openings that the rodents use to access your property
  • Remove the bait stations and all traces of the rodenticide product once the treatment is finished.

Besides the classic treatment using rodenticies we offer a rodent solution based on the physical elimination of the rodents, without using any chemical product or artificial bait. You can learn more about this alternative treatments by clicking here.

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Residential services

Founded in Mallorca in 1969, Will-Kill has more than 40 years experience protecting homes and families all over Spain from the pests that affect them. We have become a reference in the Spanish pest control market.

With the years Will-Kill has increased and improved its services. We currently treat all kinds of domestic pasts, from rats or cockroaches to garden pests, like the red palm weevil or the pine processionary.
We are pioneers in Spain in the use of non chemical ways to fight certain pests, either using thermal solutions (heat or cold), and physical measures to stop and capture the pests.

In the pest control business experience is the most important asset. It doesn't matter if you use the best and most advance products if you don't use them with the proper knowledge; knowledge that only a well trained and experienced professional can provide.

Our long presence in the Spanish market does not only mean that we know whet we are doing, it also means that we can be trusted, that's why Will-Kill is the best solution to protect your holiday home from intrusive pests. We will take care of your property all year round so you don't find a nasty surprise when you come to enjoy your vacation.

It doesn't matter what pest affects your house, flat or garden, the Will-Kill solution will protect your investment and your loved ones.

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