Bedbugs can survive anywhere, not just our bedrooms but also in offices, cars, trains, schools, hospitals...


These small insects that measure no more than just a few millimetres and feed on blood, have become one of the largest growing pests in recent years. It is by far the pest that most concerns those who suffer from it. This is not only due to how quickly they spread and how hard they are to eliminate, but also their irritating bites. The spread of this pest through hotels and homes has increased considerably due to the growing levels of national and international travelling in recent years.
It must be taken into account that Spain receives more than 60 million tourists each year, excluding interior tourism, and each and every one of these tourists could act as a breeding ground for this pest.

Signs of bedbugs.

These pests originate in our mattresses. As the colony grows, it spreads to other surrounding areas such as bedside tables, carpets or nearby plug sockets.

The main signs of this pest are:

-Dark stains on the mattress and around plug sockets caused by insect secretions.
-Blood stained sheets.
-Remains of dry skin from bedbug molts.

If you spot any of these signs, you should contact a specialist professional as soon as possible. This pest is difficult to eliminate and only someone with experience and sufficient training will be capable of doing so. The longer you take to act, the easier it is for it to spread to other rooms.


The Will-Kill solution.

Once this pest has been detected, our personnel will apply one of two possible treatments:
-An insecticide-based chemical treatment: this method eliminates the pests in all phases of development.It consists of the direct application of the product to the affected room.
-A heat treatment  these treatments do not use any type of chemical product. The pests are eliminated by using temperatures in which it is impossible for them to survive.

This treatment is highly recommended due to the fact that it is highly effective and quick to apply. As no chemical product is used, there is no safety period following the treatment, and the room can be used immediately after the treatment has been completed.

In the case of the hotel industry, as it is particularly vulnerable to this pest, in addition to the elimination of localised areas our specialist technicians will give training courses to cleaning and maintenance staff The technician will show staff how to look for and identify the more subtle signs of bedbugs before they spread significantly, enabling action as soon as possible and avoiding damage and unnecessary costs.

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